Most people assume that a good night’s sleep will take approximately six toeight hours a day. But know that this opinion was opposed by westernscientists like Dr. Ray Meddis, a Professor in the Department of Human Sciences, England University of Technology who says that man is really just need to sleep nights for THREE HOURS

Bedtime can be divided into two parts, namely chicken sleep and staying asleep. Dreams usually occur in deep sleep (deep sleep). Humans need to practice to be able to sleep because sleep is the chicken daydream, which is only a waste of time. Actual sleep is when deep sleep by referringto the study of western scientists is enough for THREE HOURS.

We feel that sleep the night we were not always enough. This is becausewe are not trained or follow the correct rules when we sleep. If one athlete(runner, for example) when about to follow the race then he would practiceprobably about a year before the race began. Thus he hoped to become champions. Likewise, we must train ourselves to sleep by the rules of good

According to the study of western medicine experts, before we go to bed,first of all we will feel sleepy (drowsiness) in which our body temperaturewill decline. With a set bedtime and use a thermometer can we train ourselves to sleep if necessary. Regular sleep can streamline our timeprimarily for worship at night and to do other things. In the Qur’an there is a class of people mentioned that go to heaven because worship night with reduced sleep time at night.

The Word of God in the Quran that mean: ”real people who fear Him therein heaven and is close to running water. As he took what was given by their god. Surely they were before this world are the ones who do good. They are very little sleep at night. And in the late evening they beg forgiveness of God. ”(Surah Az-Zariat verses 15-18)

Prophet Muhammad has given a good example of how to sleep properlycomplete with prayers. As ringakasan maybe we can practice to sleeptonight like:

1. Dinner is just a little so as not hungry enough. If we eat a lot tonight, it will cause us fast asleep and difficulty waking from sleep

2. Exert Isha Prayer ’before bed.

3. Clean the bed such as bed linens, pillows, mattresses and others from the dirt.

4. Glory prayers before and after sleep as taught by the Prophet Muhammad.

5. Reduce sleep time of eight hours a day to seven hours a day for thefirst month of training; in both less time sleeping the night to six hours a day, so in the third month to five hours so we can sleep for three hours.

How to wake up there are also things need to be followed to maintain health and avoid various diseases. For example we like to wake up and hold a direct jump from sleep then the risk of heart disease and can causedeath. Similarly, in the opinion of a doctor from china - Dr. HuangGuoxiong from the Medical Bureau Lioning.

Expert opinion of Western Literature

There is also a western literary expert that tells about the importance of reducing sleep to achieve good performance. When asked if the secret of their success? They said: ”The woods are lovely, dark and deep but ihave promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep.” Means ”garden is beautiful, dark and thick but I have rules that must be implemented first before I sleep.”

“The heights by great men reached and Kept notes were the resource persons Attained by sudden fight. Their companions sleep but were the resource persons while toiling upwards in the night. ”- Longfellow meant”achieving a high work by people famous / successful is not foundimmediately, but they work hard, so late at night when others were soundlysleeping teman-temannya/yang . ’this clearly shows they minimize bedtimeto achieve success in their lives.

Now we return to talk about prayer Tahajud. What is the good and the advantages we gain from working on tahajud prayer while others are fast asleep!?

From the logical side, maybe we do not understand that God’s commands are good. Indeed Tahajud Prayer affirms our faith, our souls, we mentally to face the problem of earthly life and others.

Then from the science side of medicine, we will suck up the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere at around three o’clock in the morning until the rising of the sun and move the muscles in our bodies that will refresh the body and blood flow our body.

Both of these, namely oxygen and muscle movements are very important for the health of the human body. Oxygen will disappear from the earth’s atmosphere after sunrise and did not come back until tomorrow morning.Only people who get up at this time who can enjoy the oxygen.

Let us examine the movement of our muscles when praying. Roughly speaking, we first stood upright (praying qiyaam) then raised both hands bertakbir and put his hand on his chest – we have raised our chest cavity so that the lungs will feel roomy and move the muscles in both hands.

When bowing to the body bent forward and both hands on the knees and your back flat (parallel to the ground) as well as moving the joints of the spine, collarbone, pelvis and leg bones.

When prostrating, the whole weight is concentrated entirely on the muscles of the hands, feet. Chest, abdomen, back, neck and leg muscles.Just look at this prostration how many muscles and joints that move us.

After that we rose from prostration. We sat down, then we bow down again and then we stood back. In the body movement is automatic this time we have moved a large number of muscles in the chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen, back, thighs, lower legs and other muscles. In addition we also perform two types of sitting – the first sitting between two prostrations and the two sat tahiyat. Both types are moving the heel seat, thigh, groin, toes and others.

When we greet, we move the muscles of the neck neck and others.
If we see from the above two things is a special breathing oxygen and movement of muscles that all of it certainly will nourish our bodies. Prayer can also keep diseases Tahajud waist that always attack people who get plenty of sleep and wake up from sleep through the night.

“And on some nights you pray Tahajudlah as an additional service to you:Hopefully, your God is taking you to where the mark.” (Surah al-Isra ’: 79)”surely those who fear Him there in heaven and is close to running water.While taking what was given by their god. It was they who before this worldare the ones who do good. They are very little sleep at night. And in the lateevening they beg forgiveness of God. ”(Surah Az-Zariat; 15-18)